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It's hard to overstate the opulence showcased in developer Bruce Makowsky's $150 million spec house, dubbed "Billionaire." Perched above Bel Air, the four story mansion offers a world of pure imagination within its walls.
Jockeying for attention across 38,000 square feet are 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, three kitchens, 130 artworks, a 40 seat movie theater, a $30 million fleet of exotic cars, two wine cellars stocked with Champagne, a four lane bowling alley and a candy room replica louis vuitton filled with towering cylinders of sweets.
Image is everything when seeking nine figures for a single estate. What, then, happens when that image is allegedly tainted? That's what a lawsuit filed by the self assured, suede jacket wearing Makowsky against real estate company Zillow aims to find out.
Earlier this year, Zillow falsely showed that the mega mansion sold for tens of millions less than its asking price. Makowsky sued for $60 million in damages, citing permanent harm to the property's perception.
The sham began in February, when an unknown user with a Chinese IP address and fake phone number side stepped Zillow's security measures and toyed with the sale prices displayed on the mansion's listing. Usually, that means noting a recent remodel or added square footage that may affect a home's value, but the feature also opens the door for false information.
On Feb. 4, Zillow showed that Makowsky's home which is on the market for $150 million sold for $110 million. It never did. Over the course of the next week, the real estate site falsely reported sale prices of $90.54 million and $94.3 million, as well as a phantom open house that never took place.
Soon after, Makowsky's attorney Ronald Richards pointed out the falsities to Zillow's legal team in an email. After some back and forth, included in the lawsuit, Kim Nielson, senior lead counsel for Zillow Group, responded with this:
"Any home on our website can be claimed by the homeowner. There are a series of questions that must cheap louis vuitton bags from china be answered, but if someone attempts to claim it enough times, they will know the questions asked (and be able to figure out what information they need to verify their identity)."
She added that not all claims are manually reviewed, which allowed the user to manipulate the listing details without proving their identity.
A spokeswoman for Zillow declined to comment on the pending litigation but stressed that it goes to great lengths to display current and accurate data cheap replica handbags on its website, which is largely sourced from public records.
The complaint also stresses Zillow's market power. The website leads the real estate industry with an estimated 36 million unique monthly visitors, and Makowsky said multiple colleagues called to congratulate him on a sale that never happened.
But 1:1 replica handbags of those millions of monthly visitors to Zillow, few are searching for homes priced in the nine figures other than for aspirational reasons. Fewer have the actual means to afford it. residents, and a small market outside of that, have the ability to buy homes listed for north of $100 million.
Jerry Jolton, an agent with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, said three things need to come together to sell a home in replica louis vuitton handbags the $100 million arena: luck, timing and the right client.
"We're dealing with a very exclusive group of people who've attained such wealth," he said.
Oftentimes, developers eye international wealth when floating a nine digit aaa replica designer handbags listing.
Beyond visitors to online listing services, Makowsky faces another challenge in his pursuit of a high dollar deal: comparable sales in the tony Westside area.
Michael Sahakian, also with Coldwell Banker, sold the property that now holds Makowsky's mansion back in the '90s. While noting the estate's opulence, he said its placement in East Gate Bel Air one of the city's fake louis bag most exclusive and pricey pockets will make selling it a challenge.
Most homes there sell for around $2,000 to $3,000 per square foot. For context, Makowsky's estate is on the market for $3,947 per square foot.
Still, because an acre of East Gate goes for around $20 million, it's rare for a high quality replica handbags china home larger than 30,000 square feet to go up for sale.
Makowsky, in his early 60s, made his fortune selling handbags on QVC before shifting to high end real high quality designer replica handbags wholesale estate about eight years ago as the head of BAM Luxury Development Group.
His development brand is largely a reflection of his own extravagant interests and tastes; many of the lavish furnishings, finishes and other accouterments incorporated into his projects are sourced from his travels around the world. Custom furnishings produced by high end brands such as Fendi, Bentley and Louis Vuitton fake designer bags often play an integral role in replica louis vuitton bags his homes.

Among his notable projects was a testosterone infused showplace in Beverly Hills that featured a $200,000 sculpture of a giant blue hand grenade and a replica of James Dean's motorcycle. Originally listed at $85 million, the 23,000 square foot house sold in 2014 to Minecraft creator Markus Persson for $70 million.